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About Reiki:

Reiki is a healing and vitality maintenance technique based on the principles of energy shift. It helps activate the natural healing processes in each person's body as well as to restore and sustain emotional well-being. In different dis-ease and wellness states we operate at different energy frequencies, and these frequencies can be adjusted with the universal energy- Reiki.  ​

About Distance Reiki:

Reiki can be performed as a hands-on or hands-off technique. Because Reiki is an energy therapy, it can be received from the practitioner at a distance, from a different city, or even a different country. Reiki Masters are trained to specifically provide therapy at a distance. This technique is based on proven quantum entanglement methods, whereupon the universal energy of Reiki, which when separated by a great distance, still has effects.

About Aura Clearing:

Energy from each individual extends past the physical body and its layers corresponds to each chakra. Aura clearing works to clear the aura and chakras of energy blockages, stagnant energy, and energy that can use transmutation to a higher vibration. Energy with a higher vibration and flow between the chakras helps to maintain mental, physical, emotional and spiritual health. 

Important Information About Distance Reiki:​

Distance Reiki is performed by the Reiki practitioner while you are in a location other than where the practitioner is located. If you would like in-person Reiki, I offer sessions at my Loveland, CO studio, or I may be able to travel to your location upon special request (travel fees apply).


During distance Reiki please choose a time and location where you will not be interrupted by people, pets, phone calls, other responsibilities or distractions. This is a time for you, please give yourself the gift of allowing time to be set aside for yourself. It is perfectly acceptable to benefit from Reiki while you are sleeping, and if you fall asleep Reiki will still be beneficial. At the same time, some may find it an exceptionally enjoyable experience to benefit from Reiki therapy while purposefully remaining awake. During the session you may be laying or seated, you may choose to meditate, practice yoga, do gentle stretching, find a secluded place in nature, relax in your own home, rest in silence, or listen to quiet soothing music without words.

You may choose to have a brief phone call at the start of your session to answer any questions and to set an intention for your session, and a call at the end of your session for your Facilitator to talk about what was discovered during your session, this may also be done via e-mail if you prefer, or if you will not have phone access. Please indicate your preference upon scheduling your session. You may also choose to remain on the phone for your entire session, as your Facilitator can give guidance throughout the session. The choice is yours to remain on the phone for your entire session, or just at the beginning and end. This can be indicated on your online sign-up form and your Facilitator will contact you before your scheduled session to discuss your preferences and help prepare you for your session.

During your session: your Facilitator will clear your aura and Chakras of any energy that is not serving you, allowing it to heal or be released. Your Facilitator can give you information about what type of energy is seen and felt, and may give you some information about how you can continue to clear and shift this energy to be at your optimal energy state, if you so choose. You will also be sent Reiki energy throughout the session. Reiki energy is within us all, and because we are connected via quantum entanglement Reiki works in person or at a distance just the same. You may experience relaxation and release during the session which often lasts for days or weeks. Most people report having the “best sleep of their lives” the night or days following the session.

Reiki and Aura Clearing is a different experience for everyone. Some may feel tingling, heat, coolness, vibration, calmness, a sense of peace, see colors, or have inner visions etc, while others may not feel anything at all while the healing energy is working within. Some may experience an immediate and possibly intense healing shift, others may notice a more gradual change in their overall state. 


Reiki and Aura Clearing are most effective when utilized as a regular health maintenance tool, however each person will know how often they will best benefit from energy healing.

To learn more about Reiki, and forms of energy healing click the link to 'More About Energy Healing'.


Scheduling and Payment:

​In-person Reiki and Aura Clearing is performed in my Loveland, Colorado location at Positive Energy Salon, or at your location along the Front Range of Colorado. Sessions at Positive Energy Salon may be scheduled online, by phone or e-mail. ​Please contact me via phone or e-mail to discuss setting up a Reiki session at your home/office/hospital/hospice location. Distance Reiki is also available if you will be traveling or are located outside of the Front Range area, contact me for more information.

Discount packages are available for health maintenance.

Payment is requested before or at the time of service, however

discount packages can be paid in two payments up to two weeks apart.

Forms of payment accepted:

-VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover charged online (secured by SSL technology)

-VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover charged in-person or over the phone through Square Card





-Check received and cleared 7 days before scheduled appointment. Bounced check fee $35

Gratuity is not expected, but is much appreciated as an offering of appreciation.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, respectfully call at least 24 hours in advance when possible.

Contact: 970-293-0543