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Conscious Resiliency 


Make new beliefs and mental pathways

to overcome old patterns and limits

Use a combination of meditation, imagery, nutrition, logic and creativity to create healthy options for new behavior patterns and resilient reactions.

What is Neuroplasticity?


Neuroplasticity is the scientifically studied and proven ability of the brain to form and reorganize synaptic connections. This occurs through different methods such as learning,  injury, or traumatic experience. Neuroplasticity happens with or without effort and we can consciously tap into the natural potential of the brain to re-form neuro networks and patterns with intention.


How Does Conscious Resiliency Training Work?


We each have the ability to tap into neuroplasticity: our brain's natural abilities to re-organize

This is a Self-Directed Multi-Step Process. Your Facilitator Will Help You:

Learn to recognize your own stress response and decrease its impact on body/brain function.

Increase focused attention.Increase the communication between brain hemispheres and brain-body connection.

Clear out old thoughts and behaviors, design new thoughts, choose new behaviors, and integrate these into the brain/body connection.

Learn to return to this process for future resiliency.