Path on the Water

Medium & SPIRIT GUIDE reading

Reach out and connect with your loved ones or discover your Spirit Guides.

Get answers, guidance and messages from other energetic dimensions.

Love is an Eternal Connection that Never Dies


Loss is traumatic and can leave us with unanswered questions or desire to re-connect. Spiritual mediumship and spiritual guidance can be healing, in that it reconnects us with those we love and brings that connection into the present moment. There may also be important messages to help us expand our love for a bright future.

Spirit Guides are Unique to Each Person


We each have our own Spirit Guides which choose to come into our energy sphere with protection, guidance, reassurance and love. Discover your unique guides, and tap into the messages they have for you.

Medium & SPIRIT GUIDE reading

Gradient Ocean

Medium & SPIRIT GUIDE reading

During your session:
your Medium will help to create a safe energetic space for connection and growth. Your Facilitator will give you information about what is seen felt, and heard from spirit sources. Each session is unique for each individual. You may receive messages that loved ones have for you. You may also receive messages about how you can best continue life in a manner that is for your highest potential.