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Reiki Treatment

What is Reiki?

Rei Ki is Japanese for 'Universal Life Force Energy'. Also known as Chi, Prana, or Ti, Ki is the energy that animates all living things and maintains a state of vitality. During a Reiki session, Ki is channeled through the hands of Reiki masters to help guide the self-healing and health-maintenance of individuals in regard to physical, emotional, mental and spiritual challenges. Ki has a higher intelligence of its own and flows in the body where it is needed for healing and vitality. Reiki is a non-invasive healing technique with a vast number of benefits including deep relaxation to relieve stress and tension, aiding the body's natural healing process, better sleep, overall calm, centeredness, mental clarity, emotional stability, release of emotional blocks, and enhanced personal awareness.

What is Aura Clearing?

The aura is considered the subtle body, an electromagnetic energy field which surrounds our bodies and contains layers which correspond to the energetic Chakras. Aura Clearing is a technique used by practitioners to clear the aura of energy frequencies which may be harmful or limiting to our full potential and well-being. Aura Clearing helps to maintain a healthy flow of energy by releasing blockages, as well as clear the mind-body-spirit of energy that is causing stress.

What is a Reiki and Aura Clearing experience like?

The recipient will sit in a comfortable chair or lie on a table, fully clothed. There may be music and/or aromatherapy, depending on preference.

The practitioner places their hands lightly on or over specific areas of the body for several minutes. If there is a particular injury or site of energy blockage the practitioner may remain in that area for some time.

Reiki and Aura Clearing is a different experience for everyone. Some may feel tingling, heat, coolness, vibration, calmness, a sense of peace, see colors, or have inner visions etc, while others may not feel anything at all while the healing energy is working within. Some may experience an immediate and possibly intense healing shift, others may notice a more gradual change in their overall state. 


Reiki and Aura Clearing are most effective when utilized as a regular health maintenance tool, however each individual will know how often they will best benefit from energy healing.

To learn more about Reiki, and forms of energy healing click the link to 'More About Energy Healing'.


Scheduling and Payment:

In-person Reiki and Aura Clearing is performed in my Loveland, Colorado location at Positive Energy Salon, or at your location along the Front Range of Colorado. Sessions at Positive Energy Salon may be scheduled online, by phone or e-mail. Please contact me via phone or e-mail to discuss setting up a Reiki session at your home/office/hospital location. Distance Reiki is also available if you will be traveling or are located outside of the Front Range area, contact me for more information.

Discount packages are available for health maintenance.

Payment is requested before or at the time of service, however

discount packages can be paid in two payments up to two weeks apart.

Forms of payment accepted:

-VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover charged online (secured by SSL technology)

-VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Discover charged in-person or over the phone through Square Card




-Check received and cleared 7 days before scheduled appointment. Bounced check fee $35

Gratuity is not expected, but is much appreciated as an offering of appreciation.

If you need to cancel or re-schedule an appointment, respectfully call at least 24 hours in advance when possible. Please also see the deposit/cancellation/reschedule policy on the Deposit Payment page.

- Relaxation - Better Sleep -

-Life Balance - Relieve Stress - Activate Healing -

- Emotional Well-being - 

- Higher Frequency of Energy - - Increased Coping -

- Overall Calmness -

- Release Tension - Boost Mood - - Enhanced Quality of Life -     - Increase Intuition -

- Greater Clarity -






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Reiki Energy Healing and Aura Clearing in Northern Colorado servicing: Loveland Colorado, Fort Collins Colorado, Greeley Colorado, Windsor Colorado, Longmont Colorado, Timnath Colorado, Cheyenne Wyoming, along the Front Range, or wherever you may be world-wide.